Why Rethink?

Page Load & Navigation Speed

Faster website than anyone else - 2x faster page loads than others.
Websites hosted with Rethink Web Design are faster than the competition. This is because we use inline page replacement (PJAX) for page loads after the initial visit. So your website feels quick from the first click and beyond. 

Enhanced Default Web Security

More secure than the rest - https on all pages.
Every page hosted by Rethink Web Design is SSL encrypted at no additional charge. EVERY PAGE! This makes Rethink Web Design a leader in website security, and it means that your website and its contents will be more secure from day one.

Quality Customer Service

Better customer service and support - Talk to real people who care.
With Rethink Web Design we are committed to provided top notch support and customer service. If you aren't satisfied, then the website is on us.